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Warhark is returning better than ever but only for online gamers

Warhawk goes online

The much anticipated combat action shooter, Warhawk is getting ready to burst upon the online gaming scene. Originally, the game was rumored to contain a single player mode but the developer decided to scrap that in favor of a much improved online gaming experience.

This new Warhawk game is actually the second installment of a war shooter by the same name. Sony released the first version of Warhawk for the old PlayStation back in 1996 and the title garnered a large following. These fans have been clamoring for an updated game for years. Well, they are about to have their wishes granted. The first Warhawk pitted the console soldier against various AI controlled air and ground enemies in six different war fronts or zones. The new Warhawk will offer much the same fare, but in an online environment that requires 32 human warriors all hooked up to the Sony PlayStation Network. Two teams of 16 players will be assembled and then the war can begin.

Onto the battlefield

As in other titles of this ilk once the sides are chosen the players will be spawned throughout a large map of varying terrains. The terrain on the maps will range from desert environs with rocky canyons to lush green jungle covered islands. When you first begin the game you will appear as a simple foot soldier equipped with a pistol, a knife and a couple of grenades. As you fight your way across this bloody battlefield you will stumble across a large mix of war making fare such as advanced rifles, machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers and other deadly implements of mayhem. After fighting for a while with the hand held weapons you will find turrets and various ground vehicles such a tanks and jeeps that will need an occupant. These vehicles and turrets can be used to accomplish the team goal of capturing the enemy flag and other death match games.

Three modes of play

The game will have three completely different modes of play - simple ground soldier mode, a ground vehicle operator and an air vehicle pilot - and is reminiscent of the PC war hit Battlefield. Much like in Battlefield, the gamer will be able to go to war in a number of different futuristic aircraft or ground vehicles. The third option will be to assume the role of a lowly foot soldier slogging it out in the trenches with hand held weapons such as rifles, flamethrowers and rocket launchers. The soldiering part of the game looks to be very exciting because, in addition to the numerous weapons that can be used, you will also be able to hop into a tank or behind a gun turret and commence to put a hurtiní on the enemy in vehicular combat.