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Warhark is returning better than ever but only for online gamers

Joys of a Warhawk pilot

I must say that when you finally progress to using the air fighters, this is where the game truly shines. Air combat is simply fantastic. The Warhawk is in fact the main battle craft in the game. It is the supreme fighter and it can both hover and fight in straight line combat like no other vehicle in this game. The Warhawk can pack both projectile and missile weapons and it will perform well both in air-to-air dogfights and in ground pounding bombing runs. If the run-of-the-mill missile isnít good enough for your purposes then try out a lightning gun. This weapon will spew out bolts of lightning and it will literally rip an opposing fighter out of the sky.

The Warhawk airplane is the vehicle of choice during war but it wonít just be handed to you. You will need to progress your way up the ranks before being assigned one. Along the way you will earn various decorations and advancements in rank. In fact, the PlayStation Network will keep meticulous track of your war accomplishments. Every enemy kill, decoration and vehicle that you destroy during your career will be tracked.

Network gaming

Everyone knows that Sonyís PlayStation Network is one of the best online gaming networks around. With that said, there is a built-in option in Warhawk that until recently only PC-based online games were able to provide: the ability to serve as a game host. Sony was kind enough to allow PlayStation 3 owners to act as a Warhawk game server, and you can host a onetime game for your friends or become a dedicated Warhawk server for your clan, complete with password protection.


Well my friends, after a relatively slow start for PlayStation 3 games the number of available titles is beginning to grow. Sony had hoped to release Warhawk during the initial PlayStation 3 release months ago. However, they decided to delay it in order to get it right. I'm sure that Warhawk is going to be a smash hit for this console. When development first began, Incognito had come up with three separate games. They threw out the single player game and combined the ground war with the air war component and thus was born Warhawk. After adding a detailed avatar generation process we have this fantastic effort, which will surely provide hours of enjoyment to the growing legion of PlayStation 3 warriors around the world. I count myself as one of their number and will definitely be fighting in this war come September of 2007. See you on the battlefield!