Best Action Game

NieR: Automata

Best Action Game of 2017

NieR: Automata

Not only is Nier: Automata one of the best games of the year, it also subverts your expectations on what a game is in a way that hasn't been done in many years. At the end of the story mode, you may be left with more questions than answers, and that's because it's designed to be played again. And again. And again. The ways in which Nier: Automata changes from playthrough to playthrough are literal game changers, and to give away any more than that would be doing anyone planning to play it a disservice.

Even the way the action works is unique. You'll be implanting chips into your body that upgrade your stats and abilities, but just like a computer, you only have a certain amount of memory. The combat's complexity isn't groundbreaking, but it's truly satisfying. Nier: Automata adds up to be more than the sum of its parts, and that's the sign of a game that deserves to be at the top of any list.

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