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A viable competitor?

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat (cntd)

These missions will be much more familiar to players of modern shooter titles with the focus on large scale military operations, complete with huge guns, explosive set pieces and fast paced action. They will not provide much in the way of originality, but will be a welcome breath of air from the more intense parts of the campaign as a Tier 1 Operator. The ultimate difference from other games is that players will experience the toils of war that are proceeding to this day. This has opened the game up to controversy, but Danger Close hopes that the campaign experience will encourage players to honor the soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan by giving an insight into their bravery and efforts.

Earn Your Beard

The DICE developed multiplayer mode in Medal of Honor is unsurprisingly similar to Battlefield: Bad Company’s, so if you like that you can be assured of a familiarity in quality. Depending on your preferences, this is actually a positive thing for the Medal of Honor series. The series has rarely been recognized for its multiplayer modes and although this is not an entirely fresh multiplayer experience, there are significant differences. The experience has been pulled in closer, with smaller maps and a focus away from vehicular-based combat towards a tactical infantry approach. Teams consist of twelve players and each player can choose between classes with their own unique sets of modifiable weapons.

In total there are four multiplayer modes to play across eight maps. As well as offering the usual Deathmatch, there are objective game modes such as Combat Mission, which has one team of US Rangers attempting to destroy the opposing Taliban soldiers’ weapon cache. On the way there will also be mini objectives that must be completed to force the spawns nearer to the final objective and win the match. You gain experience by killing enemies and completing objectives. Higher ranks unlock new weapons and a change in appearance, complete with a beard as a Tier 1 Operator. Players who manage to rack up the kills and go on a Score Chain will unlock Tactical Support Actions (similar to the kill streak rewards of Call of Duty), which can be offensive or defensive. The more selfish offensive actions vary from Hellfire Missiles and Mortar Strikes, while the defensive actions may increase your team’s armor.

Although the multiplayer updates the Medal of Honor series with the standard FPS multiplayer, it only brings it to par with other franchises rather than trying to surpass them like it deserves to do. Luckily, DICE seems to have changed it enough for a different overall feel from other titles despite it being visually very similar.

A Viable Competitor?

Those who purchase the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor, along with unlocking exclusive weapons and armor for the multiplayer and an HD version of Medal of Honor: Frontline, will also have access to the Battlefield 3 beta. DICE is obviously trying to pull in its fans, but this could have the unintended side effect of taking the focus away from Medal of Honor in favor of its flagship title. More evidence of a lack of conviction comes from EA’s chief operating officer John Schappert, who stated that EA expects Medal of Honor to barely compete with other leading shooter franchises but will reveal a long-term strategy to do so in 2011. Unfortunately, then, Medal of Honor may be used as an establishing title to draw some of the market in preparation for another project from EA. Regardless, the series has been brought up to date and there seems to be a significant enough difference from other titles to allow it to stand on its own feet once again.