Unreal Tournament 3

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Unreal Tournament 3


Unreal Tournament is back for its third instalment

What to do With Your Spare Time

I have a friend who lives by himself in an apartment downtown. He goes to work, comes home and does all kinds of crazy things with his spare time like go out for coffee, get involved in politics or eat pizza. Needless to say only one of these activities is fun and sometimes pizza doesn’t even taste that good. What my friend should be doing with his spare time is playing online games and the one he should be paying close attention to is Unreal Tournament 3 which is set to hit the PC this November. Also, the series will finally be coming to the consoles, beginning with PS3 for an exclusive amount of time and eventually the Xbox 360. As of today’s date, we have not been given a release for the game on the consoles but it probably will not be too much of a wait after the PC version hits.

Let me Bring you up to Speed

For those of you who don’t know, Unreal Tournament has been a successful first person shooter franchise that puts players in futuristic gun battles in extremely fast paced, intense multiplayer action. Published by Midway and developed by Epic games, the graphics engine has been used in many great games in the last few years including Epic’s amazing Gears of War. In a big year that has seen the release of Halo 3, Half Life 2: Episode 2 and the soon to be released, Crysis and Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3 will stand as another example of top notch FPS gaming.

In the past, all Unreal Tournament games have been strictly multiplayer, but the new game will feature an interesting single player campaign that will flesh out a little more of the background story of the games. The Unreal Tournament 3 core experience however, will still revolve around the multiplayer game.


Unlike Epic’s Gears of War tactical experience, Unreal games have always been a ‘quick to die, quick to spawn’ experience and the third entry into the series is no different. Expect to be taken out dozen of times during a game as well as chocking up a list of kills that puts Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando to shame. There will be a variety of game modes to take part in from simple Death match to Capture the Flag to the all new Warfare mode.

New vehicles add even more variety to the game and will change the way games are played. Using tanks, flying machines and other futuristic weapons of war, the Unreal Tournament world just got a whole lot bigger.