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Spider-Man 3


Spidey moves in mysterious ways

Just swinging (cont.)

It is this free-form characteristic that makes me believe that Spider-man 3 The Game will be even a greater hit than the movie that it is based on. Instead of having to watch or play the same plot every time, you can decide to follow some of the ten or so sub-plots, picked up from the comics to liven up the game. Or you can choose to do the same stuff again in your next game, but in a different order. Given that Manhattan, including its sewers and several indoor locations, has been modelled in greater detail in this game, and made even bigger than it was in the previous incarnations, there should be a lot of locations to just explore.

And while you enjoy yourself swinging around the city and admiring the views from high places, the city, and the criminal gangs in it, live its own life. If you choose to ignore the crime around you, your public image will suffer accordingly. But if you choose to clean up the city and make it a safe place for all, you will be cheered on by your endless crowds of fans.

New tricks up the spandex sleeves

Perfecting the next gen character of the game, Treyarch had revamped many of the tricks that good old Spidey can use in his missions. These include new aerial acrobatics, new combat moves and new web attacks. Given the dynamic design of the game, you can use your web-slingers to their full effect when you spin criminals into your web. And while the abilities of the red-suited Spidey have been revamped, the black-suited fellow is getting an even slicker treatment. Following the story of the black suit, Peter finds himself tackling his own dark side when he's wearing it. In practice, he becomes more aggressive, much faster and stronger in his new suit and is likely to cause more damage to those around him. The black-suited Spidey is able to use the web to even better purposes when he's fighting his enemies, turning what used to be a handy tool for getting around the city and wrapping up your presents to the police, into a formidable weapon of its own.

The spider sense has got a facelift as well and it now allows you to see your enemies in a reddish colour against a greyish world. This makes it far closer to its original purpose from the comics: to warn you about danger. In the same vein, the spider reflexes allow you to move faster while your enemies still move at a normal pace. These abilities added together with spider strength and the improved combat moves and aerial acrobatics will certainly bring the essence of Spider-man closer to the gamers' fingertips than the previous games have done.

Just around the corner

Spider-man 3 The Game will be released in tandem with the new, undoubtedly blockbuster, movie in early May. Given that the game will complement the movie experience, instead of just repeating it on your game screen, I'm sure that every little spider (and even many of the bigger ones) will be lining up to get the game as soon as it comes out. I may well be amongst them (the bigger spiders, that is).