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Minecraft review
Chris Priestman


One of the great wonders of the gaming world

If You Build It, They Will Come (cntd)

Something has clearly changed here. Tradition might tell us it is wrong for Minecraft to operate in such a way, spurred on by the sharing of knowledge and experience rather than a developer built tutorial, but it seems that this practice is also intricate to the Minecraft experience.

Outside of the Survival Mode is a Creative Mode which only goes to prove the worth of human interaction in a game like this. With an unlimited amount of blocks at their disposal, and no pesky monsters to worry about, this is Minecraft's biggest draw for those with an active imagination. While playing this mode solo can be entertaining, it really comes alive when players join together and use the extensive library of blocks to fashion any structure they want and call it their own. With a multitude of builders at work, nothing seems impossible to craft if the time is gladly forfeited. The only downside is that it can be a hassle setting up servers, but the sheer amount of people who have done so is physical proof that it is worth toiling over.

Make Believe

Fussing over the technicalities of Minecraft is bound to draw some criticisms that are obsolete before even being murmured. The graphics, for instance, are far from modern, but they carry a style and charm that instantly draws a player in. Not to mention that the simplicity of the visuals means that the game cannot take your breath away with huge, twisted caverns and idyllic, sprawling landscapes. Adventuring into your world is imperative, not only to find precious resources for your creations but simply to breathe in the pleasant virtual air and enjoy the views. Perhaps the most precious and unspoken feature is the sense of wonder it can so perfectly deliver. Burrowing into the ground in search of iron ore or diamond is a monotonous procedure, until your pickaxe breaks into an enormous underground cavern. It is at these moments of discovery that the game's gentle piano soundtrack kicks in and captures the moment perfectly.

In fact, there are several of these moments that will happen throughout your time with Minecraft. You could be hit with a moment of serenity when sailing a boat along a perfect blue lake. Maybe finishing that statue of yourself will lend itself to a rush of satisfaction. If violence is your thing, then a dastardly grin will accompany your battle with a marching army of zombies. The obvious truth is that this game is made up of very small components, each precious in their own right. The real magnificence is how you are able to take these parts and congeal them into a whole. That is the true beauty of Minecraft.

A Notch In The Woodwork

Minecraft is hard to grasp because it is more than just a game: it is a community and an idea. One that will spur on new types of games. While tradition tells us that there are faults that could be picked at, we would do better to adapt to the new gaming practices that it has brought about. It is a game that could only exist in the here and now as it celebrates the wonders of the digital age, grabs hold of them even and unleashes them onto us susceptible players. When it comes down to it, Minecraft is unique, great fun both in solo and co-op play, and has proven to be both a phenomenon and a revolution in gaming. Let us never forget it.


fun score


Deep crafting system, huge and dedicated community, absolute freedom to build what you want.


Lack of in-game tutorial makes it difficult for new players.