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SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator review
Howie Howard


What is Art?


SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator was introduced first as a free demo via Steam's early access in January of 2021under the name SuchArt: Creative Space. In July 2021 an add on pack was introduced and the name might have changed to Genius Artist Simulator at that time. There is a bit of confusion with the actual naming because Steam lists the downloads as being SuchArt: Creative Space, SuchArt – Supporter Pack and SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator. Regardless of any title confusion on my part, the base game is interesting and quite entertaining. The game, believe it or not isn't just a computer drawing title similar to MS Paint that all of us have likely used at some point, but it has a plot that goes along with the artist stuff. After creating and naming your in-game persona, players are led to an apartment studio located on a space station. The storyline unfolds via email interactions between your character and a robot assistant named ICO-62. All art assignments and interactions are sent to you via email.

The basic plot takes place in 2130 where results of a DNA test indicate that you have the talent to be an outstanding artist. In fact, people will actually pay money for it! Since all art on the planet had been created by rebelling robot artists, that were probably demanding higher pay, the powers that be on Earth have turned to humans to be the providers of art. It seems that over time human art lovers had become tired of the perfect art created by the artificial artists. Kind of like the perfect paintings done by android Data on the old Star Trek Next Generation shows. Thus, the DNA test to find out a persons ability to paint and draw along with the seemingly easy acceptance of my brand of lousy art is what SuchArt is all about!

It's Always About The Money

Upon starting a new game, players have the choice between a regular plot driven campaign, a campaign where money is easier to earn and where you can do things faster, and a creative mode that unlocks everything right away. Since I'm not much of an artist I chose the plot driven option because it explains things as you go along. The goal of this art game really isn't to produce master piece works of art, it is to produce paintings and then sell them to make money so you can purchase upgrades for the studio. The goal is to use the earned money to expand the little art studio and to unlock new types of canvases to paint on. Money will also allow new painting tools, brushes, stencils, pallet boards and even flame throwers to be unlocked and bought. You can literally paint anything.

Interaction with the art world is done via the studio computer. This is where assignments are presented and accepted, where customer art orders are accepted and where you can list art on the art market. Paintings can also be put on exhibit which will gain exposure for the budding artist. The goal is to expand your art studio by adding new rooms and equipment. Unfortunately travel outside of the studio to an art exhibit or museum isn't possible. You pretty much are limited to your little art studio. That's fine because doing anything else other than creating works of art would just be a distraction, but certainly does not help with inspiration.

Yes, You Really Can Paint Everything

As an example of customer art orders, the first order comes from the character's sister. She wants to have a painting of a unicorn. Since I'm a poor artist I produced a scribbled mess. The response that came back was a pretty funny thank you comment, "that the painting is a very interesting piece of art!" The game has a bit of humour incorporated with all of the art. The part of the art studio that I enjoyed the most was its rather bland looking appearance with no colour or art on the walls. Seeing this can definitely serve to give a new artist inspiration to paint the walls, the floor and literally everything in order to liven things up. Everything in SuchArt can be painted. If a mistake is made or you spill paint on the floor and don't like it, just wipe it away with the sponge that can be found on the studio second floor.

Painting in SuchArt feels realistic in nature. Colours can be mixed, and they can be expected to look natural. Paint has a realistic looking texture, and the various painting tools will alter the output naturally with the different strokes. There's plenty of instruments to choose from such as thick and thin brushes, palette knives, stencils, spray paint and even a flamethrower. So, there is absolutely no excuse for not being able to create your own masterpiece. To add to the art excitement, people will buy your work even if it's an awful mess like my art!

Is It a Masterpiece?

Yes, SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator is an art producing masterpiece. The basic pen line and paint brush on computer screen action kind of reminds me of the old PC Paint programs that are still prevalent today. Everything is controlled by the mouse cursor. However, SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator is so much more. It isn't necessary to be a good real-life artist to have fun with this game. If you happen to be an artist of note, then all the better because all of the tools are present to allow real artists to be able to produce real computer art master pieces. The satisfaction that people like myself, that possess no artistic talent at all gain from playing SuchArt makes the price of admission worth it.

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fun score


Lousy artists can be turned in to masterpiece producing artists that get paid


No travel outside of the art studio