Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge

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Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge


A new game in an under-utilized genre

Slipped? Oh my...

Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge is the sequel to the popular Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive that was released in April of 2001 by Spellbound Entertainment. Atari published the first version of this game. As of this writing it seems likely that Atari will once again be the publisher for the new game. The game has slipped its release date of he fourth quarter of 2005 and it's probably safest not to expect the game before the second quarter of next year. Rest assured though, the game is definitely in development and it will be sure to please whenever it is released. Lets have a look at what we can expect shall we?

Desperate indeed...

Desperados 2 is a real time strategy game with tactical and action elements just like Dead or Alive was. The game takes place in the American old west and will include an exciting new story line. The gamer will portray leading man John Cooper the famous bounty hunter, or they may chose to take on the role of up to 6 other game characters. Each of these alter egos will come equipped with special abilities and they are all reported to be nasty ehm... well, Desperados.

The game will consist of up to 25 missions of action packed bank robberies, ambush missions, traps, breakneck pursuits and that all time favorite western endeavor, the gun fight. I can't wait to play this part of the game because standing face to face with an enemy whishing to blow your brains out with his trusty six-shooter can be very exciting and tense. So you will need quick reflexes in order to avoid becoming the loser in this game of chance. The game controls are purported to be standard keyboard and mouse combinations. This isn't a problem with this type of game as it is usually user configurable and easy to learn.

Scouting the area

Game graphics look marvelous as you can see by the accompanying screen shots. The game itself is set in a beautiful 3D rendition of the Vision Game Engine and will allow the player the option of switching between an isometric and third person combat view. The game will take place in various settings such as different old west towns, Indian villages, forts, wagon trains and that ever-popular western destination, the dusty canyon. Be prepared to fight very impressive looking dust storms along with the hail of bullets and arrows that one can expect to encounter in an old west shooter such as this. It may have shooter elements but this title is by no means a pure shoot em' up action killer. You will have to develop a strategy and tactical approach in order to wind your way through to the end of this dusty western trail. The graphics look outstanding in all of their 3D brilliance. It almost makes you want to capture the final picture of your hero riding off in to the sun set and then use it as a framed picture to be hung proudly over the mantle.

The new game A.I. has been improved upon and it will allow for more tactical opponent behavior. You will also be able to interact with allies on a higher plane of existence. Meaning they won't just run around looking stupid by bumping in to every wall or object they might encounter. There will be many new actions that your hero can partake in. Some of these include brawling, swimming, using a sedative injection on your foe and if you can manage to get behind a defeated opponent a neat looking set of hand cuffs.

Strap on your six-shooter

So there you have it folks, a new game with a setting that definitely has been under utilized on the computer gaming front in recent years. We have had many World War 2, Sci-Fi and gangbanger shooters but we haven't seen very many titles based on the glory days of the old west. With that said. Get ready to saddle up and ride off into the setting sun with a band of merry men. Wait a minute, that's a different genre of game altogether. At any rate, I'll be waiting for you on the dusty trail pardner. Strap on your six-shooter, put your ten-gallon hat on and meet me at the nearest ghost town. Together we can ride the frontier terrorizing the local homesteaders!