Shift 2 Gets Pornographic!

The Internet is full of porn, and it seems that we are no exception. Today we bring you a trailer for Shift 2 Unleashed that sexualises the year's "most notable supercar", the elegant Pagani Huayra. For those into their facts, the car is named after the Andean God of Wind.

Horacio Pagani, founder of Pagani Automobili S.P.A. had the following to say:
For the past seven years, the designing of the Huayra has been a labor of love and Im ecstatic to be working with the entire Need for Speed team to help share our creation with the world. Im amazed by how accurately they have been able to capture the look and, most importantly, the feel of the Huayra. Shift 2 Unleashed will give enthusiasts all over the world the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Huayra.

The car will be available exclusively in Shift 2 Unleashed which is due for release in March 2011.