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Look forward to more superhero mayhem

Battle with the Beast

The comic book style cutscenes will be making a comeback, but we have been told they will be reserved for the more important parts of the story, with in-game footage setting the rest of the scenes no doubt a choice made to showcase the new motion captured facial features for Coles new voice talent, Eric Ladin.

Players will be glad to know that getting about the city will be made easier too, as Cole can now not only grind along electrical wires, but can speed along cables attached to the sides of buildings both horizontally and vertically, making climbing a thing of the past. With all of the legwork taken out of the picture, expect many more high speed, adrenaline filled chases. Not to mention that the time trials from the first game will be more exciting this time around and can really give you a tour of the city.

inFAMOUS 2 begins with an epic battle between Cole and a humongous monster called The Beast, which he promptly loses, scampering off with his tail between his legs and leaving the residents of Empire City to deal with the monster with a mixture of strongly worded letters and harsh language. You could almost call that the first moral choice of the game, as Cole runs off to recuperate while the monster destroys the city in a rather non heroic manner. The aim of the game is to unlock Coles hidden powers though rigorous training so he can one day return and take down the behemoth in an epic grudge match. My hopes are high for a suitably epic final boss fight, and with all the graphical upgrades that weve seen its likely to be just that.

Welcome to New Marais

Based on New Orleans, inFAMOUS 2s new city looks to be quite the party town. Colorful lights crisscross the streets, plantations and manor houses dot the landscape and theres even been hints at a red light district for the grown ups to enjoy (whilst Im sure there wont be any x-rated content, it might be fun to do some side quests for a bordello). The city of New Marais plays host to gangs, militia and monsters that look like the Necromorphs from Dead Space.

As the birthplace of the Raysphere, which imbued Cole with his powers, New Marais is besieged by the aforementioned monsters, supposedly created by preliminary tests with the device. In a brave attempt to rid the city of all super powered beings, a shadowy man named Bertrand has formed a Militia group that doesnt take too kindly to Coles appearance. Players will have to prove their worth while winning the hearts of the populace, or gaining their respect through an assortment of threats and acts of psychotic destruction. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Wrapping up, inFAMOUS 2 seems to be a huge improvement over its predecessor and the city of New Marais looks to be wonderfully varied and beautifully realized with a new more powerful game engine. Look forward to more superhero mayhem this summer, only on Playstation 3.