Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

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Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space review


No aspect is lacking

Things can happen!

Each star system has one event allocated to it at the start of the game. When the player's ship visits a star system this event will be triggered. Events range widely from flat score bonuses to the finding of artifacts or being destroyed by a supernova. There are dozens of different events one may encounter in a single campaign.

Other than flying straight into a black hole without protection, there is nothing in the game that can kill you outright. There is always some way out and always a chance to return to your home planet to end the game. Sometimes ending the game prematurely by returning home with too much time left and star systems unexplored may be a better idea than facing bad odds against whatever may be blocking your way.

Even death isn't a complete disaster, though, as you still receive half of the points that you would have gotten if you had returned to Glory. This is a great encouragement since it means your ten-minutes haven't been wasted. Some events, like finding a derelict alien starship, may prove lethal only when it is too late to withdraw. As captain you must learn to make educated guesses as to what your capabilities of handling a particular problem are at any given time.


Your highest reward at the end of each campaign comes from the various pieces of equipment and cargo you may have found during your adventure. Your ship comes equipped with some basic systems, and most of your cargo will come from explored planets.

Items come in all shapes and sizes, and are generally split into three categories: useful, semi-useful, and junk. Useful items are usually the most fun to find, since you can install them on your ship to improve it. Some of these systems include a better warp engine, better weapons or ship systems that make your ship stronger. It is up to you as the captain to learn which item will be a good fit for your particular space ship.

Other than just collecting items and installing them on your ship or keeping them in the cargo hold, you will have the opportunity to trade items with aliens. Some aliens will give you a good deal whereas others will be very difficult to bargain with.

Alien Encounters?

Without aliens, the galaxy would be a much safer place, but it would also be a horribly boring place. The aliens in Weird Worlds are much the same as the ones in the original version. For the most part, aliens will be orbiting the different worlds you encounter. Some of these aliens will be guarding their world and some might be there just to offer trade or information.

Diplomacy is as simple as it gets. If the aliens are essentially benign they will warn you to stay away from their star systems and politely ask you to leave. Staying results in battle. Other aliens will never give you that chance. Most aliens, however, will respond favorably if you are holding a specific artifact and they will offer you a peace treaty.

Another way of making successful diplomacy would be to bring a stranded or lost alien starship back to its home world. After you do this they may even assign an ambassador whom you can back to Glory to gain mucho points!


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