Tycoon City: New York

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Tycoon City: New York


A game for tycoon-wannabes

So you want to be a tycoon?

Tycoon City: New York is another in a long line of Tycoon games. There have been games in this genre of PC game that span the full gamut of tycoon job titles. In the various Tycoon games the player can take on the management of amusement parks, the operation of an airport, be the owner of a railroad and partake in that exciting endeavor of trying to lure people to ski at a ski resort. This one isn't any different. Most are fun games to be sure and they all require the player to have the patience to start a job from scratch and then to ultimately build a thriving economic empire. Who wouldn't want to be the next Donald Trump? The fact of it is that we may not have the drive or abilities to actually do it. So there in lies the secret to luring folks to this type of computer management game. This type of game is the average persons chance to show the world or rather him or herself that they can measure up to the best tycoons in the world.

Can you manage to be a tycoon?

Let's see what it will take to be the next great city tycoon shall we? Tycoon City: New York is very similar in appearance to one of the best city simulation games of all time and that would be the Sim City series of games. In Sim City you are tasked with building a city from scratch and when you manage to get your new city up and running with a minimal amount of citizens you then become the Mayor. You are required to look after and manage everything from making sure there is enough water hook ups so that the very hard to please Sims can flush their toilets, to providing a smog and pollution free environment. If you liked listening to simulated citizens complain about a lack of police or fire protection then Sim City would be your game. However if you would prefer to have the infrastructure already in place for you, then Tycoon City: New York might offer what you seek.

Tycoon City: New York is a management game and not really a city building simulation. The difference between a management game and a simulation can be very hard to define. Often times both genres will have both elements included. Where Sim City can be classified as both, I would have to say that Tycoon City: New York would be more of a pure management game. As you manage to build up different districts then the city will thrive and your reputation as a tycoon will rise as well as your bank account!

Business means money.

The object of the game is to make money. You are after all a tycoon and that is a tycoon's main focus in life. How does one go about making money in the Big Apple? Well, he or she agrees to take on the position as top dog of over 100 different business opportunities. These business ventures range from running a nightclub to creating a high fashion business or to organizing and running the annual Thanksgiving Day parade that the city has each year. Everything is scenario based so you won't have to worry about having to micro-manage each and every one of the cities never ending problems and constant nagging needs. You will be focused on just one job at a time. How you go about accomplishing your assignment is completely up to you.