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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 review


Sometimes more of the same is just the way we want it

In a galaxy, far, far away...

Just mentioning the title "Star Wars" brings fond memories of daring heroics and the ongoing struggle between the forces of light and dark. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you are a part of that seemingly never ending struggle. From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War and from Kyssek to Hoth, you are playing a role in Star Wars history by taking part in epic battles fought on planets seen throughout the Star Wars saga.

There have been a few major upgrades since the first Star Wars Battlefront but the basics have remained the same. The addition off scores of new vehicles, a few new classes, space combat and now playable Jedi, the war between the Light and Dark has never been so dynamic. Battlefront 2 promises to be one of the most immersive Star Wars experience available short of watching the complete saga from beginning to end in one sitting, so plug in your lightsaber, recharge your blaster, and once again allow yourself to be a part of the saga.

"Don't get cocky kid!"

The battlefield has a way of humbling even the most experienced players. The AI is not exceptional, but it is smart enough to keep you on your toes. Often times, it comes down to a numbers game in who has the most men. Different modes of play will dictate different sets of conditions for victory. You may find yourself struggling to defend your bases (spawn points) or fighting to the very last man. Where the single play AI may be lacking, Battlefront 2 truly shines in its multiplayer action. Whether on a closed LAN with friends or on the open net against complete strangers, its all about putting NIS drones and Rebel scum in there place. Some kind of voice chat application is highly recommended if you want to take multiplayer seriously, otherwise you will be left out of any plans and coordination. Combat tends to be much too fast to make effective use of typed chat.

During ground combat, in some cases after conditions have been met, the Jedi Commander of your faction will join the battle. The Jedi alone is strong enough to take out 'soft' targets in one or two hits and dispatching a tank is well within his abilities. As mentioned before, the time in combat for the Jedi is short and when his time expires or his force energy runs out (Health Bar) he will retire of the battle field until the next battle.

"Red 5 checking in!"

One of the most impressive additions to battlefront 2 is space combat. Fighter to fighter down and dirty dog fighting in a way only Star Wars could do it. All factions have their own unique starships ranging from well known classic fighters to the clone assault troop transport. Each ship has its own unique feel, behavior, and handling based on its role in combat. Fighters tend to be fast and nimble where the bombers are flying tanks. Space combat is the only thing that will prove to be faster and more chaotic then ground combat. Thankfully, it will not take long for a even the novice brush pilot to get his bearings, that is if he doesn't ram into that Capital Ship in front of him first. Oh yes, Capital Ships. What would Star Wars space combat be with out the rest of the fleet? Everything from customs frigates to corvettes to star destroyers, they are all in the fight with you. The good news is they are not invulnerable bastions of turbolaser death. They are attackable and with targeting key locations, such as, oh say the forward shield generator ( Muhahahaha) with some good shooting, better flying and team work you can bring these behemoths down.


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