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Medal of Honor: Airborne review


The badge of honor for this game?

A new sequel in a long line of sequels

Medal of Honor: Airborne is the latest installment in the long running World War 2 FPS game series. Started back in 1999, the Medal of Honor series has spawned sequel after sequel. Each of these were pretty much the same game though some small and some more noticeable changes were made throughout the series. However, the standards of the series started to slip a little with the last few titles, especially when it comes to the replayability of the games.

The story is as basic as all other World War II shooter games. You start as Private Boyd Travers, a member of the US 82nd Airborne division. Your elite group has been assigned to assist in the battle first starting in Italy, ranging off to other historical places of battle in World War II, such as Normandy.

There isn't much story behind why you have to do the missions you are given - just the off-hand reference of your unit being regarded as the 'best of the best'. A small debriefing explaining each mission in more detail is held before each level, giving a little backstory to what the particular missions aim to accomplish. Aside from that, the blanks are easily filled in with guess work, for what little remains unclear through playing the story. With such a linear plot and little to know, the story is kept simple. But the simplicity of the story makes it feel tacked on, if not even dull.

The unavoidable graphics

As usual, the graphics come up to nothing less than spectacular. Of course, only if you have the right graphics card to support it. There are a lot of graphical features to note throughout the game such as the building textures, weapon textures, character models as well as the explosions. There are the usual graphics settings from low to high, and each is notably different from the previous. Low looks alright and easily ignored while playing, but the game as a whole was meant to be played on the higher graphical settings.

The amount of detail put into the game is a bit breathtaking, if not a little jaw dropping. The graphics used on the airplanes and the panzer tanks you see are very good, although you never have much time to sit back and admire the panzer, due to it trying to blow your head off. The graphics are superb to say the least, if you have the money for a decent graphics card, but nothing special for those playing on low.


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