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Did Humans Really Land on the Moon?

Moon landing

Some fifty odd years ago some human beings supposedly landed and then walked on the Moon. At least that's what we have been told by historians and the government, but did people really land on the Moon? That is a valid question because as citizens of Earth we know very little about these Moon missions. Not much was brought back to Earth except a bunch of rocks which in reality have proven very little about the body circling the Earth. In addition, the technology needed to accomplish such an incredible undertaking all those decades ago is suspect because humans were still using slide rules to calculate math and hand held devices such as a sextant and compass to navigate the seas of Earth! So did humans really get to the Moon and back and if they did how come they never went back? Who knows for sure.

Quite Mysterious

You may be wondering what the above paragraph has to do with the Lifeless Moon PC game we are featuring in this article? Actually, it has a lot to do with the game because after you land on the Moon in Lifeless Moon, some very mysterious and unexplained things start to happen. It's kind of a surreal experience because strange things like that aren't normal and they shouldn't be happening. Maybe similar happenings occurred during the historic landing many years ago and that's why the real Moon landing is still shrouded in mystery. As the game player, it's your job to find out the real story about Earths only Moon. Lifeless Moon is the follow up to developer Stage 2 Studios and publisher Serenity Forge's initial 2014 production, Lifeless Planet. Lifeless Moon is a very well done 3D platform, action, adventure game that incorporates puzzles in order to solve the mystery of the Moon.

Did Humans Land on a Lifeless Moon in the Twilight Zone?

It doesn't seem like it because Rod Serling isn't present, but in the opening game sequence after landing on the surface of the Moon, the two astronauts stumble across what appears to be a familiar city from back on Earth. This discovery serves as the jumping off point to a strange Twilight Zone-like adventure filled with intrigue. It also comes with a very engaging story line. Gameplay consists of the exploration of a desolate Moon city with the goal being to uncover secrets surrounding the city. Equipped with a jet pack, which real world astronauts apparently didn't possess back in '69, you fly around exploring and uncovering secrets that are so unbelievable that nobody would ever believe them. Kind of like the 1960's believe-ability rating of the real world Moon landing.

Is the Lifeless Moon Really Life Less?

Or is the real 1969 Moon landing actually lifeless and not real, who knows... With that said above, Lifeless Moon really isn't lifeless at all, at least that's what can be gathered from playing the preview version. There are a lot of puzzles that need to be completed with some being easier than others. Looking for and finding items such as keys is important when trying to unlock the next location. Sometimes the keys can be uncovered out of sequence and that can slow progress a bit but it's not a major distraction. Finding new technologies in the game is also a big part of the eventual resolution to Lifeless Moon. The new technologies need to be learned and then your astronauts can move on to the next game sequence which eventually will be their need to depart this Lifeless Moon.

Why are Lifeless Moons or Moons in General so Unbelievable?

Who doesn't love a good suspense filled mystery? This title looks like it will deliver the goods later this month. The graphics look great, the music fits and all of the game elements such as puzzles and technology fit and work well together. Throw in the need to get your astronauts off this celestial body and that's all that any space faring adventurer can ask for. Stay tuned for this space adventure because it will be sure to please! References to a real Moon landing were used kind of in jest or as a comparison to the unbelievable situations in Lifeless Moon the game. Who really knows what happened so long ago because one unbelievable moon landing is the same as any other unbelievable moon landing and now we have another one. At least you will be able to find out what happens in the make believe game version of this Lifeless Moon landing with it's subsequent mystery...

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