I Dream of You and Ice Cream

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I Dream of You and Ice Cream review
Howie Howard


Who doesn't love ice cream?

I'm Dreaming A Dream Of Ice Cream

Upon being handed the assignment of reviewing I Dream of You and Ice Cream, I was immediately fascinated by the title. Was there some sort of hidden message? I did some research and found that there is actually is an interpretation about dreaming about ice cream. Apparently, having a dream about your favourite ice cream, can often be a representation of a hidden desire. This desire might drive you, but it can't be satisfied easily because obstacles keep getting in the way. This fits in perfectly with the plot of this fantasy game about an entity that has the desire to enslave all of human-kind because of their imperialistic ideals.

I Dream of You and Ice Cream is an item collecting, puzzle based point-and-click adventure set in a kind of government complex consisting of different rooms and in what seems to be council chambers inhabited by world leaders along with a monstrous doll like being. The story unfolds in chapters or game days that are governed by cut scenes that tell what is happening as progression is made. Text dialogue and spoken lines are not present in the game. Everything is communicated via speech bubbles that contain symbols. It is a different and quite refreshing method of communication as the symbols presented in the communication bubbles can be open to interpretation by the players mind as to what the meaning is. Words aren't heard and text isn't displayed, just the bubbles which convey emotions.

Adult flavoured

I Dream of You and Ice Cream has been given a mature audiences only rating, mostly due to depictions of blood, partial nudity and violence. Although the adult content during the end of day dreams the character has, in addition to the council cut scenes, are depicted as more of a suggestion rather than being overtly graphic in nature. The violence is somewhat cartoonish, so it might not be appropriate for the younger gamer though. However, it all works very well because this is a game with a rather dark subject so a happy upbeat tune playing in the background isn't needed.

The game is based totally on being able to solve puzzles that are presented in each chapter. Solving two puzzles in a row will give the player a hint on how to solve the next puzzle. Hints can be helpful because the puzzles do become more difficult as the story advances. There are some limited action sequences that follow the puzzle solving theme that are thrown in for good measure. Add in the need to gather pieces that are required to complete building the machine, or robot, which is used to destroy the entity makes for quite an interesting and engaging game.

I Love The Cream Made Of Ice

I found myself enjoying the problem solving that the game requires, but it makes the player think about more than just solving a puzzle. The developers have intertwined the symbology beautifully, allowing gamers to interpret the story differently. Some of the symbology made me think that the scientist that is building the machine could be dreaming about a sexual encounter, which may or may not have actually occurred. The dreaming about eating an ice cream cone and knowing what this dream can be interpreted as meaning further shows the developers brilliance that brings this game to life. Two thumbs up from me to the developers for adding that extra layer to this game other than relying on what could just be the rote action of solving a bunch of puzzles.


fun score


Very well thought out idea of using symbology and cut scenes to make the game be more than just a puzzle solving affair


Replayability after the first play through is limited