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Grand Theft Auto V review
Johnathan Irwin


Worth the wait?

Waited So Long

Since Grand Theft Auto V first released on consoles in September 2013, I've waited eagerly with bated breath for the PC release. Even when Rockstar North said time and time again it had no plans for a PC version, the words "at this time" kept the anticipation growing. While the 360 version kept me occupied for so long, it's time for me to retire the old copy and move onto the PC version now that it's finally arrived. With promises of being the ultimate version contrasting with the horror stories that plagued the initial PC release of Grand Theft Auto IV, I was left with one question to be answered. Was it worth how long I've waited?

Before I go forward, here is a disclaimer that I cannot stress enough. There are many games that look fine at the minimum settings, but this is not one of them. But as long as you are close to the recommended settings or beyond, you're going to have a game that ranges from minor eye candy to something absolutely gorgeous. Now with that disclaimer out of the way, lets get right down to it.

Back To San Andreas, What's Old (But Still Awesome) And What's New

Unleashed back into the fictional state of San Andreas, from the urban sprawl of Los Santos to the desolation of the meth-addled Sandy Shores is every bit as entertaining as it was the first time I played it. That being said, if you've played one of the four console versions of Grand Theft Auto V, you more than likely have a great idea of what to expect, minus of course the PC exclusive bells and whistles. If you're someone who has held off on playing any of the console versions, you may find this part of the review much more useful to you as I tell you a bit about how this still jaw-dropping experience is still worth playing now in 2015. Though don't mistake it for more of the same if you're finding yourself burned out on the older versions, because now that it has hit home on PC you'll find this to be the way this game was always meant to be played.

With the 70+ main missions and side missions, mini-games, collectables, and a massive map to explore, Grand Theft Auto V was a must play then, and is a must play now. If it's your first time in the game, you'll easily push anywhere from 25-30 hours on the main story alone, if you don't speed through all the in-car conversations between major and minor characters of course. While I still feel the story of GTA V isn't nearly as gripping from a narrative standpoint as its predecessor, what it lacks in writing it makes up for with pure fun, and in the end isn't that what matters most? But if you need a break from missions, and aren't exactly feeling like exploring, there's plenty of side content to check out.

My personal favorite is an addition that first arrived during the PS4 and XBone installments, where players can find themselves taking a very 'woah man' trip after biting into a peyote plant, which will leave them hallucinating that they are a random animal. But if that's not your bag, perhaps you'll find the stock car racing or off road adventures to be more to your liking? Or taking on the role of Trevor as he hunts bounties throughout the region? There's really something for everyone in the total package, even if all you want to do is raise some hell and go on a high octane police chase that ends in blood? Have at it.


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