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DK: Jungle Climber review
Professor Layton


Spin, swing, and fling yourself


Spin, swing, and fling yourself into adventure with DK: Jungle Climber! Using the gameís simple controls, players take control of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as they journey throughout the land trying to assist a talking banana known as Xananab. For you see, the evil King K. Rool stole five Crystal Bananas belonging to Xananab. After Donkey Kong shot down Xananabís banana ship, Donkey Kong agreed to assist him in finding the five Crystal Bananas that King K. Rool stole.

Like its predecessor DK: King of Swing, Jungle Climber uses mostly the L and R buttons. By pressing and releasing both buttons simultaneously, DK will jump. By pressing the A button, DK will jump and attack enemies. If you have Diddy Kong, you can press A again to launch Diddy Kong into the air so that he can retrieve items that Donkey Kong canít.


At the beginning of the game, Cranky Kong will give you a rundown on how the game works. After viewing the concept on the top screen, Cranky applies what you have learned in a short minigame. By completing the minigame, Cranky moves on to teach you another technique. After getting explained the basics of the game to you, you can embark on your adventure. Throughout the game, Cranky will appear and teach you advanced techniques as well as share valuable information about stages and items.

In each level, there are several things you can collect. For starters, there are four letters; K, O, N, G. The letters are found in the order listed and once you find all four letters, something special will happen. In addition to this, there are Banana Medals as well as some other things. As usual, there are bananas to collect and by collecting one hundred bananas, you gain a 1-up.


In Jungle Climber there are pegs that you must grab unto. To grab onto a peg, press the L or R button. The L button will make Donkey Kong grab unto to a peg to the left of him, while the R button will make him grab unto a peg right of him. By grabbing unto a peg, Donkey Kong will spin until you release the L or R button. Once you let go, Donkey Kong goes in the direction that he stopped spinning in. While he jumps, you can grab unto another peg by pressing the L or R button. If you are spinning you can press the opposite button (Press the L button if your holding the R button and vice versa) to grab unto another peg and stop spinning. When you are not spinning, you can attack and launch Diddy Kong but when you are, you canít launch him.

Besides grabbing unto pegs, there are also flowers you can grab. By attaching yourself unto one, youíll be flung to another part of the stage. In addition to this, there are also boulders you can grab. If you grab unto the right part of a boulder, the boulder moves right. While the boulder is moving, you have to concentrate on staying on the right side of the boulder. If you happen to end up on the left side, the boulder will halt. If you continue to stay on the left side of the boulder, the boulder starts moving to the left.


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