Away From Keyboard - Block Party

Away From Keyboard - Block Party


Building Creativity

Building Creativity (and Laughter) Together

Calling all architects, artists, and anyone who enjoys a good giggle! Block Party is a game that lets you unleash your inner builder or artist and have a blast with family and friends. Let's get down to the brick-and-mortar of this block-building bonanza.

Gameplay Mechanics: Building on Imagination

Block Party takes inspiration from games like Pictionary, but with a creative twist – players build their answers instead of drawing them. Players take turns being the guesser, while everyone else races against the clock to construct a miniature version of the secret word or phrase on their card using colourful wooden blocks. It can be anything from a simple object like a house to a more abstract concept like "feeling happy." The catch? You can't use words or sounds to communicate – your structure has to speak for itself.

Scoring is simple, with both the guesser and the ‘artist’ scoring a point when the guesser correctly determines what the building or picture is describing. If the guesser cannot correctly decipher the picture, then another player has the opportunity to steal a point if they can correctly guess the object. Each round also features a bonus task such as using the most colours in their design, or building the highest structure. For those structures that were correctly guessed during a round, a bonus point is awarded for the player whose structure meets the bonus task.

Away From Keyboard - Block Party

This gameplay creates a unique blend of strategy and creativity. Players need to think visually, consider scale and perspective, and use the blocks effectively to get their point across. The timer adds a touch of frantic fun, leading to hilarious misinterpretations and unexpected constructions.

Family-Friendly Fun: Building Bonds and Blocky Blunders

Block Party is a fantastic game for families of all ages. The basic rules are easy to understand, even for younger children. The included picture cards offer a helpful starting point for those who struggle with pure imagination. But the real magic happens when families work together (sort of). Parents might find themselves offering subtle hints ("Does it have wheels?") while kids surprise them with their ingenious block placements. The game fosters communication, teamwork, and a healthy dose of friendly competition – even if your final product ends up looking more like a wobbly tower than a majestic castle.

Beyond the Build

Block Party offers a surprising amount of replayability. The multiple-choice cards ensure variety, and the two-player mode adds a twist for smaller gatherings. However, the biggest limitation lies in the number of included words. If you find yourself wanting more, there are online resources and printable card sets to expand your building vocabulary.

Overall, Block Party is a delightful game that combines creativity, communication, and laughter. It's a perfect choice for family game nights and gatherings with friends, offering a unique way to connect and build something special (even if it's just out of blocks).

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