FIFA and Electronic Arts Part Ways

FIFA and Electronic Arts Part Ways


Changes and Innovations in the Upcoming Football Simulator

The International Football Federation (FIFA) and the developer of computer games Electronic Arts stopped cooperation a year ago. Now the most popular football simulator FIFA will be released under a different name. In this article, we will explain why corporations broke off relations after 30 years of working together and how the game itself will change under the new brand.

While the transformation of the popular football simulator from FIFA to EA Sports FC 24 brings excitement and anticipation, people play this game. They build their perfect team, win matches, and just have fun with friends. It is not so easy to earn fifa coins and create a dream team of the best players. That is why many gamers turn to boosting companies to buy fc 24 coins. As the game evolves, the opportunities in boosting companies also increase.

FIFA wanted to limit Electronic Arts and demanded $250 million a year

The first FIFA game was released in 1993. Since then, FIFA and Electronic Arts have released a football simulation every year. But FIFA 23, released in September, was the latest in the series. The cooperation between the football federation and the game developer has come to an end. FIFA and Electronic Arts announced last spring that they were no longer working together on games. At the same time, it was announced that the football simulator would continue to be released annually, but would no longer belong to the international federation and would change its name. EA Sports FC 24, the first game in the new EA Sports FC series, will be released in September. The partnership between FIFA and Electronic Arts has not been broken. The parties simply did not renew the agreement, according to which FIFA 23 became their last joint game project. It turned out that the organizations had been negotiating for the past two years, but could not reach an agreement.

FIFA demanded an increase in annual fees from Electronic Arts, which previously paid $150 million each year - the International Football Federation wanted to receive $100 million more. This position of functionaries was influenced by the increased income of game developers. In 2022, the studio generated $1.6 billion in revenue from just one specific FIFA mode, Ultimate Team, in which players invest in player card packs for their squads. The parties could not agree on the position around the development of the franchise. Electronic Arts wanted to hold official FIFA competitions under their brand and create a whole gaming ecosystem that would include the production of various digital content: NFTs, video reviews, and simulations. FIFA refused to give developers the rights to all these products.

Game changes: more videos and focus on female soccer players

The creators of EA Sports 24 have already published two trailers for the game, which will be released on September 29, and talked about all the innovations of the simulator. Despite the break in cooperation with FIFA, the game will still have licenses for the names and faces of the players. Gamers will also see the usual names of leagues, arenas, and coaches. The gameplay itself will not undergo drastic changes, but there will be some innovations.

The simulator will have more cut scenes in all modes. For example, the videos will show how the players communicate with each other in a room under the stands, there will be more videos with the participation of the head coach and the negotiation process. And in the career mode at the end of the season, the celebration of the championship will be shown with the passage of the bus through the streets of the city and the ceremony of awarding the Golden Ball.

Coaches will be given seven core game philosophies to follow. In addition, the teams will have specific tactics for matches. Players will have their own play styles. Some will fit the coach's philosophy, while others won't. We will have to adapt and hire additional specialists to develop the players and their understanding of the requirements of the coach. Before matches, gamers will be shown a small report about the upcoming opponent on the menu. The graph will show strengths and weaknesses, tactics, lineup, and key players. And during the games, it will now be possible to watch the progress of the meeting directly from the position of the head coach at the edge of the field.

Agents will appear in career mode for one player. They can set goals. For example, to extend the contract with the club on improved terms or move to a top team. If the player's level is too low, he will be offered a springboard team, from where it will already be possible to get to Real or Barcelona if the game is successful.

The most popular game mode, Ultimate Team, will feature player upgrades. Now it will be possible to improve the cards of ordinary golden characters by passing special tests. The developers showed an example that the card of Borussia striker Youssuf Mukoko can be developed up to a rating of 84, although in the last part, his total score was 69.

It will be possible to assemble mixed squads with men and women on the same team. At the same time, the indicators of girls will not be fundamentally different from those of men. Electronic Arts has expanded the representation of women in regular Quick Match and Online Match. The women's championships of England, Spain, France, and the USA were added to the game. It will be possible to play for the girls in the Champions League. In the previous parts, there were only women's national teams.

If we talk about the gameplay, then it will add a lot more animations of game movements. To do this, the developers filmed and digitized 180 full football matches. Movements from there will be added to EA Sports FC 24. Similar technologies have been used before, but for FIFA 23, for example, only two footage matches were used.

Judging by the innovations, there is a suspicion that this will be a great game!