Stardew Valley Sells 1 Million Units

After releasing on February 26th, not even two months ago, Stardew Valley was met with commercial and critical acclaim. With no signs of slowing down in sales, Stardew Valley, according to Steam Spy, Stardew Valley has sold one million units on Steam. One million units is quite a feat for any indie game, however, Stardew Valley was able to do it in under two months and without going on sale, maintaining its $14.99 price-point since its release.

Stardew Valley was the labor of love made by one man, ConcernedApe, over the course of 4 years, and it looks like it's more than paid off for him. You can check out Hooked Gamer's review of Stardew Valley here, where we gave it a very positive review, awarding Stardew Valley a 9.5 overall.