MGSV Motherbase Gameplay Demo

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain comes out in less than a month, so to keep us in anticipation, Kojima has put out a new gameplay demo, this time for Mother Base. Mother Base will act as Snake's HQ for Diamond Dogs, holding all of his soldiers, allies, and military.

The demo shows off a plethora of new features to MGSV, but nothing incredibly major, so you won't be spoiled about much of what the game holds. The demo shows off how dynamic Mother Base is, with soldiers having a morale system, as well as Snake having a large impact on them. For instance, Snake needs to shower off dirt and blood from missions regularly, or else his soldiers will do it for him. Another neat part of Mother Base is that soldiers will have conversations while on duty, allowing you to gain insight, or not, depending on what they say. It seems that Mother Base will retain the goofiness of the Metal Gear Solid series, so long as the player keeps morale high.

The second half of the demo shows off the Forward Operating Base, or FOB system, the optional online aspect of MGSV. Players have the choice of setting up smaller bases called FOB's across the world, at risk of other online players finding them and invading them, stealing equipment and soldiers. It's a complex chase between defender and invader acted out intensely and elegantly by Kojima Productions.

One very neat thing you might notice during the demo, Kojima frequently snuck in PT, along with the game's symbol, as the Demo Mother Base's emblem.

MGSV comes to all platforms on September 1st 2015, and I for one cannot wait.