Rockstar patch some GTA V bugs, add iFruit app support

Grand Theft Auto V launched on PC with its fair share of problems, whether it was bizarre crash bugs, broken character importing, or the official content servers operating at speeds that made it quicker to send the data via post.

It was all hardly unexpected, given the shambles that was the GTA IV launch, but Rockstar at least seem to have done a slightly better job this time around. To aid that impression, they've now released a patch which brings GTA V up to version 1.01, fixing a number of crashes, glitches, and performance concerns, as well as adding support for an updated iFruit app for Android and iOS.

Patch notes:
  • * Fixed an issue where the GTAV Launcher would use an abnormally high percentage of CPU and sometimes crash

  • * Fixed an issue where frame rate would drop when left-clicking the mouse while driving

  • * Added a grid to the Golf mini-game to show the topology of the green while putting

  • * Fixed an issue where a character’s eyebrows or other facial features could change erroneously when transferred to PC

  • * Fixed an issue where a some players were asked to transfer their GTA Online character while a transfer was already in progress

  • * YouTube uploads via the Rockstar Editor will now correctly resume if Internet connection is lost during the upload and later restored

  • * Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash while using the Rockstar Editor

  • * Projects containing deleted clips will now load properly in the Rockstar Editor and warn the player of the missing clips

  • * Fixed an issue where birds were not recorded correctly in Rockstar Editor clips

  • * Corrected an issue where certain characters in Windows usernames would cause the Launcher to fail to load or other undesired game behavior. For details, see this page.

  • * Fixed an issue where players with one garage would not be able to replace an existing vehicle if the garage was full and the new vehicle was purchased from an in-game website

  • * Additional fixes to prepare for iFruit support

  • * Crew Tire Smoke can no longer be purchased if you are not in a Crew

The patch should download automatically when you start the game.

There are still a number of problems reported by the community, but with any luck Rockstar will be working to squash some of them over the coming weeks.