GTA V will have first-person mode on PC

It was rumoured for some time that the remastered version of GTA V would have a first-person perspective mode - now Rockstar have confirmed it.

The official word is that players can switch between first- and third-person modes whenever they want, and it all works in multiplayer, too. Accompanying this feature is an array of control tweaks to make the game feel great however you choose to play - and we'll be hoping that means no mouse acceleration on PC.

Other interesting features confirmed by Rockstar include:
  • Support for resolutions up to 4k,
  • Reworked special effects and lighting,
  • 32 new vehicles,
  • 100+ new music tracks,
  • and 20 new species of wildlife to coo at.

It's all shaping up to be quite the re-release, and certainly worth the wait until January when the game is released for PC.

I held off buying GTA V, knowing that a PC version would be coming. What about you? If you bought the game already, will you be getting this new version?