Rumor: GTAV Vehicle List Found In Max Payne 3

According to a rumor floating about out there in cyberspace-land, the vehicle list for Rockstar's upcoming highly anticipated title Grand Theft Auto V can be found in its entirety in the Max Payne 3 source code.

A GTA forum member posted the vehicle list claiming he/she/it got it from a friend who got it from Max Payne 3's source code. Which is not too far-fetched considering developers often use the same engine technology and source lists across titles. The forum poster was later sorry for posting the leak.

The list includes 48 cars, five motorcycles, 10 helicopters, one plane, 25 boats, and nine trains. Not too sure how one would manipulate driving a train, but hey it's GTA. This list is highly unlikely to be the final vehicles list as one plane doesn't make sense at all.

GTAV has no release date as of yet.