Crytek Not Using NYC Setting From Crysis 2 For Crysis 3

Crytek has gone on record stating that they started from scratch with Crysis 3's environment, rendering a whole new New York City as the setting instead of using already rendered ones used in the franchise's second title.

In a recent interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun Crytek's director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard stated;
“One thing I want to underline is that we did not do this because it’s easier for us."

“All of the assets have been created from the ground-up. There is nothing left of the New York you saw in Crysis 2. As you saw in the demo, there’s no resemblance to what we did before.”

“I mean, the example I’ve used is let’s say there’s a war, and your hometown is bombed, and so is your friend’s. Going to see your hometown is going to be completely different from your friend’s because you already have a connection to that place versus a place you’ve never been before. Although it’s obviously not the same [with Crysis 3], it’s still a little bit of that principle.”
To take it one step further, speaking with The Verge, Hojengaard stated;
“At the same time everybody was really in love with the idea of bringing heavy vegetation back into the game, like whenever you haven’t done something for a while, you want to go back and do that again,” he added.

“At the same time, there was also something cool about the urban situation, but we didn’t want to create something we had seen before. So we said why don’t we merge the two, and create an organic city, basically, an organic urban scenario.”
Hojengaard stated that Crytek has a reputation to live up to and they are in the business of living up those expectations.
“We’re still in production, but we’re doing stuff far and above what we could do in Crysis 2,” he said.

“From a technical point of view, we’re prototyping render features now that have never been seen on consoles before from any studio. We’ll need to see what we can actually use in the final game, since it all boils down to performance, but it looks pretty promising.”
The game is down for a PS3, 360, and PC release next year.