Rumor: GTAV Gets New Details

It looks like an angry former Rockstar North employee is letting the cat out of the bag regarding some highly secretive details for Grand Theft Auto V.

The rumor comes from a forum post over at the Gamespot forums and has since been deleted but you can do some digging and view the cache page here.

The upcoming title will have one playable character who's name is Albert de Silva, who is apparently the "rich guy" from the game's first trailer. He hails from a criminal gang in Vice City, is half-hispanic, and has a son named "Kevin". Albert's relationship with his son is apparently crucial to the game.

The map for GTAV will be "fives times" as big as the map for GTAIV and will be split into thirds. Los Santos will be a major portion of the map's size. Planes will be in abundance and cars and weapons will be customizable.

Playing the game's multiplayer online with consoles will support up to 32 players while the PC's number to be announced at a later date. You will be able to form up gangs online and garner a reputation by performing various tasks.

The anonymous source revealed that GTAV will not be releasing until May 2013, which is a far cry from the reported late 2012 release date that has been floating around. A playable demo of the game will be available at E3 this year.

This is all likely a bunch of bull but read it and judge for yourselves.