Hitman: Absolution's Top Priority Is Better AI

IO Interactive have stated that progressing the artificial intelligence in the studio's upcoming title, Hitman: Absolution, is their top priority.

The game's lead producer Hakan Abrak, speaking with the US PS Blog, stated;
“We’ve been developing this game for a long time, and it’s very much linked to the technology, especially creating more complex, more believable artificial intelligence."

“Early on, we knew we couldn’t achieve our ambitions with the older Glacier 1 engine, so we decided to create Glacier 2. It’s a huge challenge to create new game technology, but it brought a lot of benefits.”
IO Interactive's other stated goals with Absolution is to make gameplay more fun when regarding to stealth aspects.
“Voyeurism has always been a key storytelling focus in Hitman, and we still have a lot of these small stories peppered throughout the game. It’s where a lot of the replayability comes in, actually,” the producer noted.

“If you go into the game guns blazing, you’ll get a unique experience…but if you’re stealthy and explore more thoroughly, you’ll learn a lot more about the world and characters by overhearing conversations and the like.”
IO has implemented a revamp disguise system in Absolution allowing a more unique stealth gameplay system.
“When you’re making a stealth game, it’s important to find new ways to build tension. We built a lot of prototypes for Hitman: Absolution, and we learned that creating a ‘Giger counter’ effect was a very effective way to communicate that the player is about to get spotted — you’d better move,” Abrak said.

“In earlier games, it could be frustrating because you didn’t know when an enemy was about to spot you. And that ‘Giger counter’ effect has the bonus effect of making you squirm when you play, it builds more tension. I find myself saying ‘ooh! ooh! ooh!’ when I’m sneaking around.”
Hitman: Absolution is expected out at some point in 2012 for the PS3 and 360.