Deus Ex: Human Revolution Will Make You Take Tactical-ness More Seriously

Eidos' Jean-Francois Dugas has stated that there will be times in Deus Ex: Human Revolution where you'll get to shoot things, but you'll have to use tactics to do so.

Speaking with Gameshark, Dugas stated;
“Actually, if people play the game and they don’t explore the ideas and they have a good time, I’m still happy."

“I don’t want to force anyone to think about the game in order to have fun. If people want to go on the critical path, pick up guns and kill everyone to get to the end of the story – enjoying it only on the first level of what it is – that’s fine I’m glad they’re happy.”
You're not going to be able to "run and gun" your way through the game, like it or not tactics will play a big role.
“It’s mechanically not a mindless shooter, it’s a tactical shooter. Because if you run and shoot like a headless chicken, you’re going to get your ass kicked and you’ll have a tough time. If you plan accordingly and examine your enemies you’ll start to go beyond the direct path and look at alternate things in the game,” he said.

“As you do that you may stumble across something that alludes to the richness the game has to offer.”
When Eidos first went into the test phase for the game they learned that the gameplay relied too much on ordinary shooter mechanics.
“With later play tests we found people still start the game like a shooter but get killed a few times and then they start doing other things. They then find secret places, or things to read and suddenly the game becomes much bigger than they thought,” the director explained.

“So, we’re not forcing you but the way the gameplay loop works we do encourage you to go outside just the straight path.”
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out later this month for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Via Blue's News