Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector's Edition Gets Videoed

Square Enix have released a new video for the upcoming title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, showing off the game's Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition contains:

- Special Collector's box
- Collectible Adam Jensen action figurine
- Explosive Mission Pack: An entirely new mission with a special cameo appearance from one of the original Deus Ex characters.
- Exclusive In-Game Weapons: Automatic Unlocking Device, M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED), Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher, Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, SERSR Longsword Whisperhead silenced sniper rifle.
- 10,000 extra credits to buy new weapons or upgrades
- "Making Of" DVD which features the game's soundtrack and an exclusive motion comic.
- 40 page art book

The game is out in August for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.