Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is "Like Reading A Graphic Novel"

Jean-Francois Dugas, director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution along with David Anfossi, the game's producer, have said that playing their upcoming title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is "like playing a graphic novel".

Speaking with the US PS Blog, Dugas stated,
“The shooting was flawed because it was heavily stat-based,” said Dugas. “Your aim could be super precise, but the game artificially told you that you weren’t precise enough, which made for a clumsy combat experience.”
In order to fix the wrongs that were made in the original the combat experience had to more streamlined.

In Human Revolution you will be able to make choices and go through the game using the choices you've made throughout the game to your advantage.
“You can play the entire game without killing anyone, save for the boss fights,” said Dugas. “It makes for a more challenging experience, but it’s very rewarding.”

“We want players to create a personalized version of Jensen and decide his approach,” added Anfossi. “Some players will think, ‘This guy wouldn’t kill these people.’”

“I’m most excited for players to simply absorb this world. It’s like reading a great graphic novel, a page-turner,” said Dugas. “It was important for us to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution as a new IP. We wanted to re-imagine this world. When you look at the endings of the other Deus Ex games, the future is looking pretty grim.

“It’s a fictional world, it’s a fictional conspiracy, but it’s infused with real issues to discover. I don’t want to go into details, but you’ll recognize things from the real world as well as fantasy elements. You might go to places that don’t exist, necessarily, but that some people believe exist.

“The hardcore fans are going to make the connections once they analyze the game. The new fans won’t feel left behind, though. This game stands on its own.”
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out on August 23 in the US and August 26 in the UK for the PS3, 360, and PC.