Trepang 2 DLC Bladekisser announced

Trepang Studios and Team17 Digital have revealed the latest DLC for the hit action-packed FPS, Trepang 2, with Bladekisser. Shoot and slice your way through enemies and embark on new missions in new areas, and engage in close, brutal combat with your sword.

Following the launch of Trepang 2 last year, this DLC will feature 3 new weapons, a fresh Sword to slice, a mint machine gun to brrrrppppt all in your line of fire and a revolver to obliterate your enemies. It also includes 2 new side missions, 9 combat simulator maps, 3 HVTs and new intel.

Those who already have the Trepang 2 Season Pass will have Bladekisser included.

Bladekisser DLC will be available from July 25th for £7.99 / $7.99 / 7.99EUR.

Right now Trepang 2 is part of the Team 17 publisher sale that is now live. Get 40% off all editions of Trepang 2, including the Deluxe and Banger Editions which feature the Season pass.

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