Disney Speedstorm's new "Journey of Emotions" season launches

Journey of Emotions, the all-new Inside Out-inspired season for Disney Speedstorm, is now live on PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch!

Journey of Emotions puts Riley's emotions in the spotlight and brings a multitude of new Racers into the Disney Speedstorm mix, alongside a brand-new Racing Environment "Riley's Mind", a new Team Battle game mode, and extensive improvements to Player Rank progression and Ranked Racers.

New Racers added include:
● Joy - Speedster Class Racer
● Anger - Brawler Class Racer
● Sadness – Defender Class Racer
● Disgust – Trickster Class Racer
● Fear – Defender Class Racer

Plus, Anxiety (Speedster Class Racer) and Ennui (Trickster Class Racer) from Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2 are joining the race in thrilling mid-season events!

Journey of Emotions will also see the addition of new Crew Members that will help guide players to victory including: Happy Riley, Angry Riley, Scared Riley, Sad Riley, Disgusted Riley, Riley’s Mom, Riley’s Dad, and many more

Disney Speedstorm has also launched the all-new Team Battle Mode, an exciting and social way to experience Disney Speedstorm that pits two teams of three racers each in tense, action-packed racing battles. This new mode is a great way for racers to increase their Player Rank, which is a new progression reward system that gives players the chance to earn even more rewards.

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