‘90s-Inspired VR Light Gun Shooter ‘On Point’ comes to Steam Next Fest

On Point, the wacky '90s arcade light gun shooter from Brisbane-based developer Actuator Digital, is targeting June's Steam Next Fest with its first public demo before its early access launch for Quest 2 and Steam VR in Q3 2024.

Think fast, and shoot faster in a boom-tastic blasting extravaganza! Hone in for precise shots in a vivid world of colour and splendour echoing the classic '90s arcade aesthetic.

Shoot fast-moving marks while avoiding sneaky bombs, quickly clear away pop-up targets, or take aim at falling leaves. Earn the coveted top spot on global leaderboards for more than 30 carnival-like mini-games.

On Point's accessibility focused design makes for a fun and engaging experience for both VR noobs and experts alike. With a strong focus on quick reflexes and sharp wit over disorienting movements, this game has something for kids and first-time VR users, as well as light gun arcade veterans.

On Point enters Early Access on Meta and Steam VR in Q3 2024. For more information about On Point please visit their official website, follow the team on X or TikTok and join the community on Discord, and search #OnPointGame on all social media platforms. And as always, follow Hooked Gamers on Instagram for news updates, reviews, competitions and more.