Fall Guys Season 4: Creative Construction Now Available

Mediatonic have announced the launch of Fall Guys Creative as part of the game's new 'Creative Construction' season update, putting an exciting new toolset into players' hands alongside 50 new Rounds from the Mediatonic team and a pixel-perfect new season packed with a smorgasbord of digital delights.

You can watch the cinematic launch trailer below.

Introducing Fall Guys Creative
● A comprehensive and full-featured level editor that allows players to create custom Rounds and share them with the community.
● Players get the same tools as the developers for Round creation - all new levels from here on will be crafted in Fall Guys Creative.
● The developers will be using a mix of in-game analytics around most played and longest play-time to help find which Rounds the community are loving, as well as surfacing levels from the community channels when selecting community-made levels for inclusion in the main Fall Guys Show Selector.

For more information on Fall Guys Creative and guidance on how to build and share levels, check out the launch blog.

Season Pass is now Fame Pass
● Players can now expect more regular and better value content drops with the launch of the new Fame Pass system, replacing the previous Season Pass system. Each season will now contain multiple, consecutive Fame Passes lasting 4-7 weeks and consisting of 40 rewards.
● Hello Kitty is the first Fame Pass star, with the Hello Kitty Costume unlocking immediately when you buy the Pass.
● Like the Season Pass before it, the Fame Pass will still retain a free progression path, with the Hello Kitty-inspired Cutest Friend Costume available for all Fall Guys players to unlock.

Season 4's first Fame Pass will be available until 7pm AEST on 12 June, 2023. More information can be found on the launch blog.

Fall Guys is available free on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and the Epic Games Store.

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