OlliOlli World Soundtrack revealed

Select highlight tracks featured in the upcoming skateboarding action-platformer OlliOlli World were revealed at yesterday’s 39th Golden Joysticks Awards.

“Music has always been a key component in OlliOlli games as it constitutes an integral part of the flow-state gameplay of the series”, explains Simon Bennett, Co-CEO at Roll7, who also announced the Best Audio award during the show. “We are thrilled to share these captivating tunes created by outstanding independent musicians from around the world.”

OlliOlli World comes with thirty-two tracks of lush electronic beats featuring artists like Fardust, Adam Swim, Midflite, and more. Listen now to the OlliOlli World Spotify playlist which presents a selection of eight songs from the forthcoming soundtrack:
● Shimmer by Fardust
● Arps by Nikitich
● Darling Gardens by Midflite
● Panoramas by Woodwire
● Avalanche by Fardust, Azureskye
● Can’t Sleep by Adam Swim
● Leaps and Bounds by Cotton Claw
● Not so Much by Nikitich

OlliOlli World will launch digitally this winter in Q1 calendar year 2022 on PlayStation5 and PlayStation®4 system, the Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch™ console.

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