Len's Island gets a gameplay trailer

Flow Studio has announced the free demo of Len’s Island will be available during the Steam Next Fest from the 16th June - 22nd June for PC and Mac. During the festival, the developers will be live streaming on Steam, June 18th, 7am AEST. The developer live stream will consist of a walkthrough of the demo including a Q&A with the lead developer, Julian Ball.

In Len's Island, your avatar is new to town, with only the tools in your backpack, a can-do attitude and the ability to build a new life for yourself on the beautiful island nearby. Unravel the dark secrets the island holds as you venture deeper into the caves in search of mystery and treasure. Len's Island is a unique take on open-world survival crafting combined with dungeon-crawling. Blending peaceful building, farming and crafting, mixed with intense combat, dungeon battles and deep questing and exploration.

Len's Island brings excitement and progression for many playstyles, all within a vibrant and engaging world. Catering to the hardcore dungeon-crawler fans, home-builders and decorators, explorers and completionists, farming fanatics, collectable hoarders, and people who just want to live the simple life of chopping trees as the sun goes down.

Len's Island is planned to release in early-access late October 2021, on Steam for PC and Mac.

Build, Fight, Farm and Explore.