Tools Up! DLC brings a summer vibe

A troublesome raccoon did not stop the brave Tools Up! renovation team from giving the garden a spring makeover. Now it is time for summer work in the garden plot, which means new challenges, tools, mechanics and a new opponent - The Hole Mole. Garden Party Ep. 2, the second DLC for the popular party game, has been released.

Summer is what all gardeners look forward to, in order to lie down on a freshly mown lawn, ponder life under an apple tree and indulge in a barbecue. Unfortunately, not every garden is ready for such idyllic scenes, but the team of Tools Up! professionals is here to help!

The second game DLC Garden Party Episode 2: Tunnel Vision provides new challenges for up to 4 players. A rake makes planting flowers easier, rocks can be used to create beautiful garden features like paths between garden beds, and pools... Pools are a great way to relax after finishing a task, but in the ensuing chaos of renovation they are also a tool for transporting materials. Have we mentioned lava in the garden yet?

In the second add-on for Tools Up! players will be pestered by The Hole Mole, who occasionally comes to the surface, leaving telltale earthy mounds in his wake (and no, we do not mean a mole mound cake). Fortunately for you, he is the pouty type who lays low when he senses he is not welcome.

In order to play the Garden Party Episode 2: Tunnel Vision DLC you must have the first part of the add-ons or the Season Pass.

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