GameStopGate Update: Stores Pulling PC Version of Deus Ex From Shelves

GameStop has gone from removing contents from the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to recalling the game entirely.

"In agreement with Square Enix," GameStop is pulling all PC copies of DXHR and returning them. The leaked e-mail refers to the streaming service that GameStop announced the development of back in April, which comes after its acquisition of Impulse and Spawn Labs. The e-mail details further that reserves will still be honored, though I imagine they will still be gutted and not include the OnLive voucher. As is to be expected, GameStop will be honoring all returns, with valid receipt, as per their returns policy.

The legality of all this has been quite questionable, but the fact that GameStop has reached some kind of an agreement with Square Enix reduces the chances of a lawsuit somewhat. Of course, just because they're buddy-buddy with SquEnix doesn't mean the guys at OnLive won't have anything to say about this. You can expect more posts as this ongoing story unfolds.

Image Credit: Kotaku