It's a CryScandal

Reports from such websites as Eurogamer and Kotaku have indicated that there is trouble brewing with Crytek.

Rumors and reports from alleged employees have indicated that over 30 members of Crytek UK's staff have left the company since development began on Homefront: The Revolution in 2011. The alleged reason for this is that on multiple occassions, the staff has not been paid on time. In addition, bonuses have been withheld.

Eurogamer reports that among those who have left are employees who held "key positions" in the art, design, and programming departments. Kotaku posted a separate article yesterday stating that Crytek UK managing director Karl Hilton will be leaving his current position in order to have a "different role within the company." What the role is remains uncertain.

Morale at the office is apparently quite low, with the employees having a "general lack of trust" in the company's management. This claim is backed up by the increasingly large amount of negative reviews on Crytek's Glassdoor page.

The rumors go on to say that Cyrtek has cancelled multiple titles, including a planned sequel to Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome. What will this mean for Homefront: The Revolution? Time will tell.

Given the apparent unhappiness of its employees, Crytek's tendency to put Cry puns in all their game titles is beginning to seem oddly fitting.