Rumor Confirmed: Microsoft Acquires Mojang

After a recent rumor started creeping around the internet, it's finally been confirmed. Microsoft has bought Mojang, creator of the wildly successful Minecraft. But is it worth it? While it is far too early to tell, there has been very little positive feedback across the media and social spectrum. From thoughts on the price itself, to the overall acquisition of Mojang. More often than not, Mojang while successful is seen as a one trick pony. Is the company that bore Minecraft truly worth that much in the eyes of Microsoft? Xbox division leader Phil Spencer seems to think so;

Only time will tell if there is buyers remorse over this or not, but in the short term the people of Mojang just sold themselves for more money than most of us could ever imagine. At least one side wins in all this, and it is with sincere hope that this doesn't negatively affect fans of Minecraft down the line.