GTA V For PC Delayed

Despite recent statements from Rockstar reassuring gamers that the new version of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One would all be available Fall 2014, that has now changed. While Playstation 4 and Xbox One users will be able to enjoy the upgraded versions in November, PC gamers are going to have to wait until early next year. January 27, 2015 is now the official release date for the PC release.

The news was met with a mix of surprise and frustration as just last week Rockstar had gone on a reassurance campaign, only to now slap eager fans in the face with this news. While console users are not as badly affected by the news, this is another controversial incident of indicating something and then failing to deliver that has been the cause of much controversy for the acclaimed crime thriller. Heists "coming soon", stock exchange "nearly ready", and now "Please subscribe here for updates on the fall 2014 GTA V PS4/Xbox One/PC release date". While Grand Theft Auto V for the PC is still sure to net more than a pretty penny for the developer, some of that will be going towards medical treatment after shooting themselves in the foot yet again in the eyes of fans becoming more and more weary to believe what they say.