No MINECON for Minecraft

If you're a gamer, it's likely that you've heard of Minecraft. The indie game that arguably set things in motion for indie developers at large and broke down several walls in the industry, giving player creativity a front seat and managing to make a visually appealing game without necessarily worrying about photo-realism? The same game which eventually brought in more challenging modes including a one-life Hardcore mode where your progress could be lost after one failure? Yes, that's the Minecraft I'm talking about. It is so acclaimed by both critics and users that it quickly came to have it's own mostly successful annual conventions since it released... but not this year.

Vu Bui of Mojang released the following statement on after much silence on the next MINECON;
Iíve been getting a lot of questions about MINECON lately, because before this time last year everyone knew the date and location and ticket info for MINECON 2013. While we donít have a set date for the next MINECON just yet, I wanted to let everyone know that it wonít be until some time in 2015. Iím shooting to have it in the spring in London!

While weíd love to do MINECON every year and itís the only event we do as a company, we want to make sure we can give it the attention it needs, and that means that springtime next year will work best!

As soon as I have confirmed information itíll be out there. We always announce as soon as we confirm with the venue and have a signed contract, but never before, because we want to make sure we can follow through with the event and we never want people to start planning to attend something that might not happen. So watch out for information in the coming months!

So there you have it, while MINECON 2014 isn't happening it would appear they plan to come back stronger than before in Spring 2015. So Minecraft fans, keep an eye out... and watch out for Herobrine.