The Great Invasion: Minecraft Version Of Denmark Gets Unexpected Visitors

Denmark's government had a fantastic idea, something that many gamers would be one hundred percent behind; utilizing the creative freedom of Minecraft to recreate a 1:1 scale version of the European country for the sake of teaching! In the end, it became a reality. The Danish Geodata Agency recreated every small detail of Denmark, and it was an absolutely glorious endeavor.

However, in the process something was overlooked. While they made it so no player playing on this map could use dynamite, what they overlooked was the mine cart with dynamite option... and so the invasion began. Gamers all over the world began arriving in waves... waves of crafted looking tanks, american flags, and explosions everywhere. In a few short hours, the Minecraft American Army (Which I have dubbed them since they were clearly poking fun at the USA) had pushed inland and brought chaos to this little slice of peace.

While I do see how someone could find it funny, I mean it is indeed a game and players will do what they will to find their sources of fun, I hope this doesn't shy away other countries who would like to use games as a learning tool rather than attempting to vilify them.

On a lighter note, if you would like to give this map a try it is available for download at the DGA's website. DGA's Page To Download Minecraft Denmark Map