Ironing Maiden - Probably The Best Wii Game Ever

Keep your Skyward Sword, I would much rather brandish an iron and get creases out of clothes I cannot even wear!

You have to admire the Nintendo Wii. Not only has it made cooking and surgery fun, made bowling more convenient, and generally made you look like a complete arse; it constantly spews out interesting games you are never going to find on another platform. The most recent of which is Ironing Maiden.

Yes that's right, a game about ironing clothes to a heavy metal soundtrack. Eat that sexism. As much as I want to join in with your laughter, when you remove the fact that you are ironing clothes, Ironing Maiden is actually a pretty well-designed game and one that is perfectly adapted for the Wiimote.

It seems a little daft of course, but I am pretty sure that ironing games is what the Wii was made for. In Ironing Maiden, you hold the Wiimote out flat as you would hold an iron and move it around to iron the clothes on-screen. The A button serves as a means to squirt the clothes with water and cool them down. Hold the iron in one place for too long and you risk burning the clothes. Intense stuff!

Sorry, but that is exactly what the guys at Nintendo had in mind when designing the Wiimote for motion-based gameplay. None of this sword brandishing tomfoolery!

I am not the only one thinks that either, Ironing Maiden also won first place at the Game Development Competition at tUM 2011.