Sneak Peek At Bioware's Next Game

Spike have unleashed the first look of Bioware's new game to be revealed at the VGA's in December.

From the looks of the very short clip it is going to be set during some form of conflict - one that does not differ so much from modern times. The game will be developed by a brand new Bioware studio and will not be fully unveiled until December 10 at the VGA's.

Sneak Peek At Bioware's Next Game

Putting together the evidence we have, the trailer and the single image above, we would take a guess that the game is set in a near future war. Whether this is a sci-fi or fantasy universe is very unclear, as if anything it looks to be based much nearer to reality than any of Bioware's previous titles. It seems likely with the familiar buildings and vehicles that this will be set on Earth. However, there is a hell of a lot of dust and what seems to be barren land, so this indicates either a specific setting such as the Middle East, or perhaps a lot of natural resources are running out on Earth - as is the case with many future dystopian settings.

With Bioware's recent shift away from traditional RPG titles into more action dictated RPG hybrids, could this be an action RPG, or a pure action game? The focus on vehicles in the reveals so far also suggest that this will be a large focus - we hesitate from comparisons with RAGE. It's that or it's a shameful Battlefield 3 clone. What puts us off of saying this is set in the present is the odd attire of the guy flying through the air in the screen shot - it looks less army-related (as opposed to the vehicles) and more akin to something a bandit or shall we say 'Wastelander' would wear. We'll find out what the game is all about on December 10.

Watch the sneak peek trailer at Spike TV.