Uh Oh! Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leaked Online

The 12 hour pre-build version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution given to the press for preview coverage has been leaked online. Someone's in trouble!

It seemed inevitable that this would happen and yesterday it did. The version leaked is known as Deus Ex: Human Revolution PRE BUILD REDNFO-P2P. Fortunately for Eidos, this is not going to cost them too much, as it is not the whole game that has been leaked. The 12 hour build of the game is only the very beginning, and if anything, it will encourage people to buy the game upon release. They better hope they are more cautious with any early copies of the final build, those buggers are crafty.

The information and precaution given by the torrent sites is:

1- Unrar, no installation need
2- Copy crack folder to main game directory
3- Start the game with dxhr5_win7 exe


PRE BUILD BETA (not complete game)
Release tested & working good so far
Disable your internet connection while playing for security

U may have problems with this release
Take it or leave it

We suggest that you leave it if you don't want to tease yourself. No doubt you will get sucked right into the game to then have it suddenly come to a close. That's the problem with 12 hour pre-builds of decent games, they are never enough.

Speaking of which, all I am going to show you from the leaked images is the setup. That's all you're getting, now wait until August 26th like everyone else.

Uh Oh! Deus Ex: Human Revolution Leaked Online

Okay, if you insist, here is some gameplay: