Is Epic Games Dumbing Games Down For The Sake Of The Market?

People Can Fly's upcoming FPS Bulletstorm is to feature more putrid humour, one-liners and testosterone fueled fun than you have no-doubt, ever seen before. However, the exposure of People Can Fly's previous project Come Midnight, reveals that this was not the developers original intentions at all. The influence of Epic Games seems to have forced the studio to dumb down their creative product in favour of appealing to the mass market.

If you have no idea what Come Midnight is, check out this video that showcases the concept art drawn up by artist Andrzej Rudz:

For users who cannot see the video click this link.

As you can see the now canceled project had a much more serious tone, and looks to be a very promising concept at least. It is hard to say what the game could have been, but G4TV's Stephen Johnson who exposed the video, says that it was to be a survival horror for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

More clues can be found in the video's soundtrack that is pulled from Dick Richard's 1975 film Farewell, My Lovely.
Is Epic Games Dumbing Games Down For The Sake Of The Market?
The film was adapted from Raymond Chandler's 1940 novel of the same name. Taking the film adaptation as a major influence, the game would have been of the neo-noir style and featured a hard-boiled detective. Although no one can guess the final result of the canceled project, no doubt it would have boasted a well structured story as opposed to the alien brain squashing of what is being delivered instead.

All of the information regarding Come Midnight that can be gathered together makes me very interested in the project, and certainly look on with spite towards Bulletstorm that is more or a less a pumped up Gears of War. To be fair, it is not like we need more FPS's right now. We can only hope that People Can Fly are given the chance to return to this project after Bulletstorm, but perhaps it will be too late!

A game that draws obvious comparisons to Come Midnight is already up for release in the first half of this year.
Is Epic Games Dumbing Games Down For The Sake Of The Market?
That is of course Team Bondi's L.A. Noire. Set in a 1940's Los Angeles and following the investigations of a detective (just like Farewell, My Lovely), L.A. Noire looks to be the game that People Can Fly were in the making of.

Instead, People Can Fly are being led by the influence of Epic Games and their over-the-top shooters.

Bulletstorm's parody of Halo 3's 'Believe' Ad:

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